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Lincolnshire v Devon
The weekend went to plan... Lincolnshire's plan! Lincolnshire 24 - 12 Devon.

Lady of the Match B - Chrissie Kinnaird 18.56
Man of the Match B - Paul Palmer 25.37
Lady of the Match A - Maria O'Brien 22.12
Man of the Match A - Matt Dickinson 29.38

Lady of the Weekend - Cat Callard 21.14
Man of the Weekend - Paul Palmer 25.37

We are home to Lancashire 3/4 March. Heads up... it's not done yet!
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AGM & Competition Dates
11th March - Mens KO Cup
29th April - Ladies KO Cup
3rd June - Gold Cup Qualifiers
24th June - Superleague Individuals
8th July - AGM
12th August - Winmau & World Pro Qualifiers
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Mens KO Cup - 1st Round
Games to be played 24th February 2018:

Muff Boyz vs Porters Pretenders
Ships Ahoy vs Rowing Club A
Porters Patriots vs The London Inn
Royal Anglers vs Heathcoat Club
Railway Boyz vs Dads Army
Ker St Men vs Maritime Social
Heavitree Snappers vs Rays Beys
Racehorse vs Winchester Warriors
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